Kicking Reaper ass in the Traverse.
Chasing Leng/Cerberus through the galaxy.


Kate Moennig - july 2014, L.A.

Kate Moennig Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (X)



   Leaning into the kiss, Ashley smiled beneath Shane’s mouth while her hands locked around the back of her neck. “No, but you know you have certain privileges now, right?”


          She chuckled a little, her hand sliding behind the other and resting at the small of her back, the tips of her fingers just barely dipping under the waistline. 

     ”Spectre privileges? Yeah, I know. Bein’ able t’ use illegal weapons in th’ field is nice.” she said, playing the dumb mutt.

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Katherine Moennig/ Paula Malcomson ~ CBS/Showtime Television Distribution’s 2014 TCA Summer Press Tour Party - Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, California - July 17th 2014 


Love show and Ray Donovan! I think Liev plays him very good!

I’m not an evil child, I am a direwolf.

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