Kicking Reaper ass in the Traverse.
Chasing Leng/Cerberus through the galaxy.

[I pop on to this account to see Oktoberfest staring at me next to the tumblr thingy.




spectrewolf replied to your post:

[MSG] Yes! It’s time to eat!

[MSG]: Just… 15 more minutes please, Commander…

[MSG] I’m hungry noooow. 

The L Word Meme [1/5 Outfits]

TLW rewatch: sharmen scenes

Chief Williams? Heard she was some kind of hero or something.

[Out of Soda;

Hey all. I’m um… well. I’m not really sure why I don’t have Shane muse anymore recently. I keep trying to reply to things, because gosh I hate leaving people hanging but…

I’ve been so busy with SWTOR and everything else and my depression has sapped my desire to write (kind of ironic since writing is what saved my fucking life 10 years ago but hey). 

But I’ve been on hiatus and I’ll still be on hiatus. 

And it isn’t just Shane that I’m not feeling anymore. It’s all of the others. 

I was wanting to make a Game of Thrones blog but I doubt I’d be able to keep the one muse I’d write for. So. Yeah.

Um. If I owe you I’m so sorry for the delays. It has nothing to do with you or anything. It’s totally me. 

You can find me on my personal tho! Or you can poke me on skype and stuff like that. 

Until we see each other again— be safe, be kind to yourselves and others, and don’t you forget about me~



"stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls
and ask the ghosts if honor matters.”

1/9 characters - Javik