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   It came as second nature to be protective of those she loved and held near and dear to her heart. As was the case with Shepard, Ashley remained pressed against her strong back, arm still hanging over her middle even if the grip on her hand had lessened.

  Throughout the night however, it was sooner that her subconscious wanted her to sprawl about, rather than later staying still, unaware of how far she’d pushed the comander to the edge of the bed.

The Commander felt that it was rather rare for nightmares not to plague her. Even with the presence of the other Spectre, the nightmares filled her sleeping hours. Luckily, that night wasn’t one of those nightmarish nights. She was sleeping rather peacefully, in fact.

At least until she was feeling the other shoving the older towards the edge of the bed. Even half asleep though her body was all about self-preservation. Biotics flared as she teetered on the edge and nearly fell off except for the small burst of energy to nudge her backward. She rolled over to properly and gently push Ash towards the middle of the bed at the very least. Phew. Her eyes closed, biotic blue glow dying down. It wasn’t anything new for her, same with the nightmares. She just hoped the glow didn’t wake the other. 

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The Job





  Even though she wasn’t looking over the space ahead of the commander, she didn’t need to as Shepard’s hand linked fingers with her own. She returned the squeeze, feeling rather secure laying like this, and content to stay put. Shane was always warm, and she found ways to appreciate that even more lately.

  Returning the lazy kiss, she hummed under her breath before letting her head stay put upon the pillow. “Mmm.”


Her body was so relaxed she wasn’t sure she could move very quickly any time soon. She could remember when it was almost deadly to fall asleep with someone in the same bed as you, much less turn your back to someone. But with Ash? She could do both and be confident she wouldn’t pay for it. 

Gute nacht, Ashchen,” she murmured tiredly, her grip on Ash’s hand loosening slightly as sleep began to take over the Commander’s body.


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Tis my Fem Shep, Sinéad.

Behavior Analysis || Shane Shepard & Kelly Chambers


Pretending that Shepard’s signs of aggression weren’t noticed was becoming more difficult. And if she didn’t hold back for now, she could lose her chance of possibly having another session. 

A second of quick thinking, and she decided to stray off her initial path for a moment. “What about Dr. Chakwas? You served together on the original Normandy. Yet, you won’t stay in the Med Bay long enough to get full treatment for your injuries. Don’t you trust her?”

She took a long quiet sip of her drink, eyes flaring with a deeper red. It took all she had in her not to bare her teeth in sheer anger. Who she trusted or didn’t trust was nobody’s concern but her own. 

"I trust her fine. The whole verdammt issue is the fact it’s a med bay. It has everything I was faced with Post-Akuze. You recall that little adventure from my dossier, yeah? I talk to Chakwas plenty outside of the med bay. And as I said, the services are needed for people who are not me. Such as Joker or Garrus.”